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Ethics of Self-Plagiarism

This paper offers a clear definition of self- plagiarism and how authors and publishers can avoid this issue and the costly retractions associated with it.Read More

Pressure to Publish

This paper offers insights into how globalization and technology are increasing misconduct in scholarly research.Read More

Overview Data Sheet

An overview of the iThenticate service.Download PDF

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What Is Self Plagiarism and
How to Avoid It

Writers often maintain that because they are the authors,they can reuse their work as they please;it couldn't be defined as "plagiarism" since they are not taking any words or ideas from someone else.Read More

Plagiarism Punishment

A recent article from Times Higher Education discusses a new ‘Tariff' that academics in the UK are proposing that will lay out a universal system of penalties for university students that plagiarize.Read More

CrossCheck Plagiarism Screening: Understanding the Similarity Score

The similarity score is the first thing you see when a document is processed and new users of the system often ask: ‘what level of similarity score indicates a problem?'Read More



Decoding Plagiarism and Attribution

Researcher insights into the types of plagiarism in research by commonness and seriousness.

Read More

Scholarly Editors' Top 5 Concerns

Insight from scholarly journal editors on top concerns.

Read More

Attitudes Towards Plagiarism in Research and Publishing

Read More

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